he Firm M/S "Design Bureau"
was eastablished in the year 1985 & is Registered with
Capital Development Authority (CDA),PCATP,IAP,&
the Registrar of firms ICT.

        Objective is satisfacation

"Design Bureau"
was established in the year 1985 & is 
Registered with 

Capital Development Authority (CDA),PCATP,IAP,& the Registrar of firms ICT.

During this period the firm has designed & supervised more than
1200 projects including Residential,Commercial,Educational,Recreational, Religious & Office 

building both within & outside Islamabad.
We have qualified & Dedicated Staff to design & supervise our projects up-to the completion of our buildings.
We endeavor to the best of our ability to provide our services to the entire
satisfaction of our Clients.